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Do you want to save €1000s selling your property?

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List your property with us during November or December and we will only charge you from 2% commission on the sale of your property.

And, while the price may be less you will still get the same great service. We will visit your property to give you an honest valuation, take professional photos and use our marketing expertise to promote your property in Spain and internationally utilising a mix of advertising, property portals, social media campaigns and more.

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Terms & conditions

  • Offer available November and December 2018 only
  • Minimum fee of €4000 plus IVA applies
  • Offer dates are for listings, sales may take longer but the offer fee will still apply
  • The offer price applies only to sole agency sales. If we sell your property with another agent then a higher figure may apply – this will be discussed with you before any sale is agreed.

In Spain we are spoilt for choice with healthy eating options, extra-virgin olive oil, ripe tomatoes and sweet peppers, salad greens galore, heart-healthy garlic and onions, immaculately fresh seafood, plenty of legumes (especially chickpeas), and rice, bread, and big, flavorful red wines in abundance—the Spanish diet is a prime example of the Mediterranean diet. All products sold on local markets are picked that morning straight from the fields. The Mediterranean diet is by far one of the healthiest in the world, and you are spoilt for choice with local produce. 

Andalusia, probably the largest producer of olive oil in the world, is promoting a healthy diet through an initiative called Instituto de la Alimentación Mediterránea which educates school children on the principles of a healthy Mediterranean diet based on olive oil. And in the northeast, the Foundation for the Advancement of the Mediterranean Diet, based in Barcelona, includes fish, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, among its recommended foods and beverages—and also, surprisingly, cava, the Catalan sparkling white wine. 




Buying an off-plan property in Spain means that you end up with a property that incorporates the latest building techniques and materials. Building regulations have been constantly improving in Spain over the years so brand new properties should be the best on the market, although, this does depend on the developers specifications.

Another advantage comes with the guarantees you are entitled to when you buy a newly-built property. Consumer protection laws in Spain cover different types of build defects for different periods of time, with the most serious structural defects guaranteed for 10 years. When you buy off-plan you are covered for the maximum period.

In some cases developers allow you some say over the style in which the property is finished when you buy off-plan (colours, flooring, certain fixtures). Finished properties have to be bought ‘as seen’ with no scope for building-in your own style from the start. Off-plan property purchases can offer more flexibility in this area.

Lastly there is an ‘option’ advantage given the delay between the signing of sale contracts and delivery of your property. Should you change your mind about the development or the area you may be able to sell on the purchase contract to someone else, potentially making a profit in the process, and all without the expense of completing on the property. However it is becoming more difficult to sell on properties before completion due to the great expansion in the supply of new properties.

This is just some information that we feel is important to keep in mind when when deciding between a new build or re-sale property in Spain. 

XClusive Spanish Homes only work with reputable & respectable builders, a high standard finish property is very important to us. 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 965 724 870. 

The Costa Blanca in Spain is renowned for its beautiful coastline, 212 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline and as one of the healthiest places in the sun to live.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed what many people had believed for years, namely that the Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest areas of the world in which to live. This isn't surprising to those people who know the region. The Costa Blanca has an excellent year round climate. The humidity is relatively low, and therefore ideal for sufferers of arthritis and other climatically influenced health problems.

The region in and around Torrevieja has been voted by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest places in the world to live. The stunning Crevillente mountain range helps to create the areas unique climate where the average temperature ranges from 18-28 degrees Celsius.

The two salt lakes of Laguna de la Mata and the Salinas de San Miguel surrounding Torrevieja also help to create its fantastic climate. They are Europe's largest lakes and are sparkling flat expanses where salt water evaporates to produce sea salt that is still widely exported. The high concentration of salt, together with the temperature forms a microclimate recommended by medical specialists the world over for its beneficial health properties in particular for heart disease, skin disorders, rheumatism and bronchial illness.

Because of the two huge salt lakes, which make Torrevieja the biggest salt contractor in Europe, the air has in particular much iodine. For a lot of people, who visit Spain concerned about their health, this plays a big role in the choice of their place of residence. Numerous clinics for heart, circulation and rheumatic illnesses are located in the area.

Climate and Lifestyle

Beyond doubt is the fact that the climate and lifestyle in any country has a marked effect on mental health. People who live in warm, sunny climates are generally happier, more content and much more relaxed than those who live in cold, wet climates such as those which can be found in northern Europe. As you are reading this, you probably are more than aware of this fact. I have spoken to many people who have been affected by the dark grey days that we suffer many of in the UK and it seems that many of these people are not affected here.


Because of the beautiful climate the Costa Blanca has been voted as one of the healthiest in the world according to the world health organization especially benefiting people who suffer from breathing disorders like asthma and skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.


The town of Torrevieja lies 45 kms south of Alicante. The mountains of white salt and the long promenade with its amazing sea front market are two memorable features and also the large Friday market.
Torrevieja is one of the fastest expanding towns in the whole of Spain, but it has learned a few lessons from places like Benidorm, because you'll find no high-rise skyscrapers or package holiday hotels in Torrevieja. It is an ideal place for family holidays. Torrevieja is a developing tourist centre and one of the most important on the Mediterranean coast. However, you'll find it is not nearly as commercialised as the Costa Blanca resorts to the north of Alicante. It still retains that special "Spanish" feel and is very relaxing and welcoming.

FiestasTorrevieja is famous in Spain for it's many fiestas - the biggest being the Habaneras festival in August. For forty years, every August, Torrevieja has held its traditional Competition of Habaneras and Polyphony, which now has an international character, since it is one of the greatest cultural celebrations in Europe. Voices from all over the world come together in Torrevieja, and the Habanera sings its way out of the competition precincts, and becomes the folklore of the locals. For a whole week, Torrevieja sways to the rhythm of the habanera, with its tropical flavour from Cuba.

Public HolidaysJanuary 1st - Ano Nuevo (New Year's day)
January 6th - Epifania (Epiphany) or Dia de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings' day)
March 19th - San Jose, Dia del padre (St Joseph's day & Father's day)
March 24th - Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday)
March 25th - Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
May 2nd - Fiesta del Trabajo (Labour day)
August 15th - La Asuncion (Feast of the Asumption)
October 12th - Public holiday for Spain's National Day
November 1st - Public holiday - Todos los Santos (All Saints day)
December 6th - Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution day)
December 8th - Inmaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception) - 25th - Navidad (Christmas day)
In addition, each town has a public holiday for its own patron saint.

Distances from Torrevieja:

Alicante 47 km
Alicante airport 36 km
Barcelona 570 km
Benidorm 77 km
Cartagena 55 km
Elche 35 km























Elche's history dates back to the 5th century BC, as an iberian setlement. The iconic Lady of Elche (currently hosted in the National Archeological Museum in Madrid) has been dated between the 5th and 4th century BC.

Costa Blanca Alicante Spain is your chosen location.  Now what property shall we consider?


New Builds

We specialize in selling New Builds with the best local developers and constructors.  When purchasing a new build it gives you the opportunity to personalize your own home, also allowing you to stage your payments, so your investments are being planned.  There are also  "Key Ready" new builds for almost immediate occupation.


We have a vast selection of resales that can often complete with in 4 - 8 so much quicker that the process in the UK. Resales can be fast moving so it is very important to arrange your viewings as soon as your have the location correct.

For any further information contact Xclusive Spanish Homes team on ( 0034) 665 711 728.  We look forward to talking to you.

The Habitation Certificate (Cedula de Habitabilidad) is an essential document when buying or selling a Spanish property, this document must be present prior to a sale. 

The Habitation Certificate is a certificate issued by the local town hall once a property has been completed. The certificate means that the property has been built correctly and follows the building and safety requirements. 

For a potential buyer it is essential to always ensure the property has this document before reserving, without the habitation certificate it is impossible to arrange a mortgage as any bank will insist on a copy of this certificate, also utility companies such as water & electric board will also insist on having a copy of this document before connecting or setting up a new contract for owners. 

It is extremely important for a seller to have the habitation certificate in place before putting their property on the market as without this vital document your property is not legally ready for sale. Having this document in your possession prior to a sale ensures a quick and uncomplicated selling process. Any buyer will be comforted knowing that they are looking at a fully legal property. 

If you have any questions concerning obtaining your Habitation Certificate please do not hesitate to contact us at Xclusive Spanish Homes, we are here to help.  

Ciudad Quesada, or Quesada Town is a sprawling urbanisation, part of the lovely Spanish town of Rojales. Usually just referred to as Quesada, it has something for everyone.

The name Torrevieja literally means "old tower". Torrevieja as a town dates from the early 18th century when it was a fishing village built around one of the watchtowers that flanks the Costa Blanca coastline.


Please find below a selection of information on the local areas.

Do you want to save €1000s selling your property?

Then take advantage of our special


In Spain we are spoilt for choice with healthy eating options, extra-virgin olive oil, ripe


Costa Blanca Alicante Spain is your chosen location.  Now what property shall we


Buying an off-plan property in Spain means that you end up with a property that incorporates


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